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Boarding at Silver Wind Stables

Self Care Boarding

Self Care boarding allows horse owners to have a more active role in the daily care of their horse.

»Owners are responsible for providing all of the supplies for their horse (grain, hay, shavings etc.), cleaning their stalls each day, providing plenty of clean water, feeding in the evening, and preparing the horse’s feed for the morning. Silver Wind will feed prepared morning feed to the horse, then turn them out to their pasture, and will un-blanket the horse before turnout if requested. 

»When hay is added to the pastures, boarders will be charged for that cost (~$50/month). 

»Morning fly spraying or sunscreen application is an additional $30/month. 

»Self Care stall boarders receive the use of a tack cubby. 

Full Care boarding includes the basic daily needs for your horse.


» Silver Wind provides: stall, grain and hay fed twice daily, shavings, fresh water, daily stall cleaning, pasture turnout, pasture hay when needed, blanketing/un-blanketing, tack cubby, trailer parking, and fly spraying (owner provided).

» Boarders are responsible to provide their own fans, lights, blankets, tack, fly spray, and additional feed supplements.  If boarders provide their own grain, there is a $40 per month discount.  

»Pasture boarding for full care boarders includes all of the same care listed under Full Care Boarding, excluding care specifically relating to a stall. 


»Self care pasture boarders are responsible for the daily feeding of their horses, and will have to pay an additional fee when pasture hay is added (~$50/month).  

»The lesson horse discounted rate is given to horses that can be used in our lesson program and for trail rides.  The eligibility of horses for this discount will be determined by Silver Wind on a case-by-case basis. 

»Cubbies are not available yet for all self care pasture boarders.

Full Care Boarding

Pasture Boarding

*All horses boarded at Silver Wind Stables are required to be kept current on vaccinations, deworming, and hoof care.  Current Coggins required.  Additional services and care that are not listed can be priced on an individual basis.

Boarding at Silver Wind is Currently Full

Please use the application below to be added to the Boarding Waitlist and we will contact you if a spot becomes available.

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